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About Us


Ekstraordinary World was launched in 2014 with a single mission: to exceed expectations for premium quality, luxury home furniture, and top-notch home accessories. The shop is home for beautiful and classy pieces that have been selected from all over the world.


Over the years, we’ve been the ideal place to shop for your alluring home décor and have experienced continued growth. We owe that to our incredible customer service team.
Believing that people are our biggest asset, we’ve carefully assembled an extremely knowledgeable and experienced customer service team that’s dedicated to assisting our customers with an “ask me anything” attitude.

Our founder meticulously ensures that every item is well scrutinized to avoid uncompromised quality and she personally handpicks the finest brand name products that would stand behind the quality of each and every product on our site. Our items range from paintings, vases, and chandeliers, through to furniture.

We have very high standards for the products and services we offer because we are customers too. We know that you expect the same high level of performance from us that we would expect anywhere else, and we’re happy to meet and surpass your expectations.

A boutique that stands out with contemporary designs and something suited for everyone!


Unique & Glam pieces. Great customer service and I could live in the store! Excellent!

Ada Amam

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